The DYUTEN story

Our name, Dyuten (Դյութել) comes from the Armenian language, which means to charm or to enchant. The DYUTEN brand was created and founded by a chemist in Armenia. Gayane, (founder-creator) was inspired to engineer these amazing organic products after her search for her own personal skincare needs yielded any good results. Gayane was determined to make a skincare that would be of natural origin, thus helping other people and the environment too. After much research, time and effort, the DYUTEN brand was formed and is now a thriving successful business in Armenia. With extended family in the United States, the time has come to expand our efforts by distributing our products to the DYUTEN-LA branch, where we are able to share this unique brand with America too! We truly hope you can benefit from our research! With love, the DYUTEN family.

Why Dyuten?

Have you ever wondered why cosmetic creams or serums have such a long expiration date and how they can be stored at room temperature even if they are marked as ‘’Bio’’, ‘’Natural’’ or even ‘’Organic’’? So, if you are looking for something really natural, effective and kind to your skin, then our Dyuten products are just what your skin can only dream of. The name of our products comes from the Armenian word Dyutel (arm. Դյութել), which means to charm, to enchant. Despite the fact that the story of our brand is just beginning, it has already passed a rather long preparatory path from the original idea to ... The concept of Dyuten is based on branch of Biomedical sciences called ‘’Corneotherapy’’. To make long story short, this means to treat the outer layer of our skin with specific substances (exclusively natural) to recover skin Microbiome, hydrolipidic barrier, pH, to regulate sebaceous glands activity and thereby to make skin look glowing, younger and what is the most important - healthier. Today, our products include 20 unique creams, 7 super serums that can challenge even with injections for the most specialized care for all skin types and for all ages. Also in our assortment you will found about 5 different soaps made according to traditional methods for the most delicate hygienic skin care. The full assortment includes about 50 different items for the gentlest, natural and effective face, body and hair care. In our products you will not find any artificial color, odor additives or preservatives. 90% of the composition is entirely of plant origin, which is due to our special attention to environmental problems.

Dyuten care for skin with imperfection

Acne and post-acne scars are not only highly undesirable cosmetic conditions, but have u huge impact on self-esteem. Moreover, this skin condition is tightly associated with our health and most frequently is caused by inner conditions, such as hormonal imbalance, microbiome fluctuations and etc. Our “3 step” complex care in combination with “Green tea & Aloe” tonic for acne skin includes the most potent ingredients with unique proportion to 1. Regulate skin sebum production 2. Recover the normal composition of our skin microbiome 3. To reduce inflammation and redness 4. To tighten skin pores 5. To recover skin hydrolipidic and pH protecting barriers 6. To protect sensitive skin from UV lights 7. To return the healthy shine to your skin Our multiproduct care not only focuses on combating acne, it also helps the skin to restore its defense mechanisms to prevent acne from recurring in the future. Concerning post-acne scars, here we have 2 sets for 2 different types of acne scars: PIE or post inflammatory erythema and PIH – post inflammatory hyperpigmentation Each of these sets is focused on recovering skin texture – to soothe irritated skin and to make it smooth again.

Dyuten daily care to protect skin from photoaging

Have you already noticed first wrinkles or maybe 2-3 new dark spots on your skin? Wrinkles, fine lines and pigmentation are inevitable skin woes that often appear as we age. While we like to place blame on getting another year older, the main culprit is photoaging — damage to the skin caused by exposure to sunlight and ultraviolet (UV) light. Responsible for 90 percent of visible changes to the skin, photoaging is a direct result of cumulative sun damage you’ve been exposed to throughout your life. It all because the light is around us at all times, making sun damage a year-round concern for healthy skin. Although the “Chronological” skin aging can’t be helped (it’s tough to fight time), but photoaging accelerates the process to many times. The good news is that photoaging is completely preventable with skin daily care. Our age-differentiated care products are focused not only on preventing photoaging or protecting from other environmental damages, but on regulating age related changes in our skin as well. Moreover, our creams and serums are highly adjusted to skin demands for day/night care. Via making various combinations with our products, we also make your daily skin care the best fitted to skin seasonal demands as well.

Our products are coming straight from Armenia and will require up to 10 days for shipping and delivery - there are no expedited options currently.

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